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Domain Registration

A domain name is your website's unique identifier on the internet as well as World Wide Web (www), It is what we call websites, in much the same way that we call people by their names. it can also be perceived as an address where your website resides. Which are interpreted by the Domain Name System (DNS) into an Internet Protocol (IP) address? This IP address is used by browsers to locate the web site. You can register your domain with a "domain registrar" in so many forms.

Generally dot com is the most popular domain in World Wide Web (www) today. A dot com domain is what comes after 3W (that is www.your company name.com).

In recent times this structure has come to have less meaning as commercial organizations have taken available names.

What's the difference between .com, .org, .co.in, .in, .net, .net.in, org.in names?
  • .EDU - four-year colleges and universities, educational
  • .NET - network infrastructures machines and organizations
  • .ORG - miscellaneous, usually non-profit organizations
  • .INT - international organizations (e.g., NATO and the U.N.)
  • .GOV - agencies of the US Federal government
  • .MIL - this domain is used by the US military
  • .INFO - information sites
Why Have My Own Domain? Why Have My Own Domain?

It's important to realize that while people often have identification numbers but always have names, websites always have a number called an IP address to identify them, while they often have domain names as well.

What is an authorization code?

The authorization code is a password for the domain. Authorization codes are an extra security measure; it ensures that only the owner of the domain can make transfers. Its means fully authorize for domain owner.

How do I manage my domain name?

After domain registration you will receive a unique domain account. First you have to login in domain login panel that provided by domain registrar and you can manage your domain name. This account will enable you to interact with us on a one to one basis and we would be able to recognize you as our special client. We will provide you any assistance at any time if you have any problem to manage in your domain account.

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